Sacred Sound & Vibration Awareness ~

The Sacred Geometry Connection




Clear Examples of Sacred Geometry in Nature and Matter:

  • All types of crystals, natural and cultured.
  • The hexagonal geometry of snowflakes.
  • Creatures exhibiting logarithmic spiral patterns: e.g. snails and various shell fish.
  • Birds and flying insects, exhibiting clear Golden Mean proportions in bodies & wings.
  • The way in which lightning forms branches.
  • The way in which rivers branch.
  • The geometric molecular and atomic patterns that all solid metals exhibit.
  • The way in which a tree spans out so that all its branches receive sunlight.

Another, perhaps less obvious but most significant example of this special ratio can be found in Deoxyribonuclease Acid (DNA) – the foundation and guiding mechanism of all living organisms.


Why Do I Choose Mandalas / Sacred Geometry in Combination with My Sacred Sound Healing?

I first came across Zlatko’s mandalas whilst on a Seraphim Healing Course and instantly felt a connection to them; like my experience with sound. I found that by spending a few minutes gazing upon the mandalas to be a wonderful experience. In fact, like crystals and sound, colour is also a vibrational medicine.

By even having a mandala placed on or close to my body, has a healing effect and for this reason I choose to use them in all my healing sessions. I want to share this experience and have had a special ‘Sandalphonic Healing Mandala’ made for this purpose (which is the image on the left).

Personally, I loved them so much that when I heard that you could have your own Soul Mandalas intuitively made, I just had to have one, and for instance, I ‘charge’ my water on one, meditate with it and use it for my own spiritual path.


Sound Frequencies + Vibration = Sacred Geometry ~

In this video we clearly see that sounds comes alive in shapes.

Short Information about Sacred Geometry

The understanding of Sacred Geometry as an underlying part of our existence is nothing new and in fact, the Golden Mean and other forms of geometry can be seen embedded in many of the ancient monuments that still exist today. The Great Pyramid at Giza (one of the oldest of these structures) is an example of this. The height of this pyramid is in Phi ratio to its base. In fact, the geometry in this particular structure is far more accurate than any found in today’s modern buildings.

These particular shapes are energy emitters; they are shapes that produce a type of penetrating carrier wave which Chaumery and De Belizal named ‘negative green’, which acts as carrier-like radio waves that carry sound information. The vibrational quality of the sound through sacred geometry gives very strong communication properties, which facilitate resonance with higher realms in prayer.

This explains why pyramids and hemispheres are so popular among spiritually significant shapes (e.g. the domes, that are the basis of religious buildings, be it a mosque, a church or a synagogue).