Helen’s full story

Helen’s beginning into sound and frequency started at school in a physics class when she became amazed at the movement of waves created as a ball was bobbed in and out of water. At the age of 15 Helen was taught sound/radio engineering principals as a RAF Air Cadet and at the age of 17 years she joined the Royal Air Force as a Ground Radio Technician. Alongside raising a family, her career subsequently has retained the ‘sound’ theme as she currently works part-time as an Electronics Engineer.

Helen came to Sound Healing in Spring 2014 through attending a 10-week meditation course, which she thought at the time would help her through a stressful period of her life. Little did she realise just how much it would change her and enable her to in turn help others. During one meditation group session, the teacher came behind Helen playing a singing bowl. In those few seconds Helen felt the sound vibrations along her spine and envelope her body and she said out loud that she wanted to become a Sound Practitioner.

Sound had always really resonated with her and this method seemed a natural way of healing. Of course, you don’t just become a therapist overnight and it took Helen a dedicated few years to fulfill this dream, becoming a Sound, Crystal Therapy and Reiki Practitioner by the end of June 2016. Most recently, Helen has been incorporating gongs into her sound healing work and successfully completed a 1-year Gong Practitioner course. This enables Helen to increase the depth of both individual and group sessions, further tailoring them to client’s preferences.

Working from a dedicated sound healing studio in her home, Helen can provide 1:1 sessions. Helen offers group gong baths to any location, home, festival, fayre or venue on request, with a monthly Gong Bath Meditation currently held at The Santosha Studio, Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Helen loves how both aspects of her life, the yin and yang, work so well for her, all in perfect harmony and balance.

We are each unique and it’s Helen’s belief that we should follow our own ‘song’, that which brings us joy and makes our heart sing! By following our passions, we overflow with love and light to those around us.