1:1 Sound Healing Sessions ~

Treatments that bring you joy and make your heart sing




A 1:1 session is a dedicated time for you to receive and experience sound on a personal level.

Treatments take place in Helen’s home in Chippenham, Wiltshire.


Before you come for your treatment there are a few things to share with you so that you know what to expect, and so that you can make the most out of the experience.

What will happen during a Sacred Sound Healing session?

  • You will lie on the floor on top of an Amethyst Biomat a heated electric therapy mat that is filled with amethyst crystals. A blanket will be placed over you to keep you warm and a memory foam pillow will cradle your head. Additionally, if required, a ‘Mindfold’ mask is provided which can allow your eyes total darkness and complete rest.
  • Once settled you will be bathed in the sounds of the gong and other sound instruments.
  • The sounds will play for about 45 minutes followed by 5-15 minutes of silence allowing time for your body to integrate the sounds it has just received.
  • During the session, you might ‘see’ colours, go on a meditative journey, and hear sounds that sound like angels or choirs singing or you might just simply feel relaxed.

What else is / can be incorporated into a Sacred Sound Healing session?

  • Helen is also trained in many healing modalities including Reiki (traditional and Angelic) & Crystal Therapy. During either the consultation or intuitively during the session Helen might incorporate some of these healing methods into the treatment.
  • Additionally, sacred geometry mandalas will be placed around you, and the opportunity to select a mandala to place your water on which will infuse and energise the water.

What do you gain from a 1:1 session?

  • A Sacred Sound Healing session shifts your energy, remove blockages and vibrates your body on a cellular level, much like ultrasound does.
  • A session strips away stresses and strains like removing layers from an onion.
  • A session leaves you feeling calm, relaxed, renewed and revitalised, ready to face the world again.

Yes, I would love to experience a 1:1 Sound Healing Session: